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Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought and Why

Have you ever made purchases you regretted? Colette shares her list of “Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought” and it’s so relatable!

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Top Tips for a Comfortable Long-Distance Train Trip

This Frugalite recently had to take a trip via train. Here’s what she did to stay comfortable and save money!

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moving boxes

Here’s How to Cut Costs While Moving

Moving can get expensive, here are some great tips from this Frugalite on how to save money during your next move.

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31-derful Uses for an Extra Mason Jar

Want to repurpose your old Mason jar you’re not ready to part with? This Frugalite came up with 31 ways to use it.

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Entertainment on a Shoestring Budget

Entertainment doesn’t have to cost money! In this article, Colette shares some of the thrifty ways she enjoys herself on a shoestring budget.

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Broken Things I Own that Still Work (and Save me Money!)

There is freedom in the capacity to love broken things. Save the money, appreciate the function and remember that beauty can co-exist with imperfection.

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How to Make Play-Dough and 9 Fun Things to Do with It

Are you out of ideas for keeping the kids entertained during summer? This Frugalite has the best solution… DIY Play-dough!

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10 Random Things I Do to Save Money

We believe that little habits add up over time. In this article, Colette shares some of the random small actions she takes to save money.

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Frugal Supports to Reduce Anxiety

It seems like everyone’s been feeling anxious and stressed lately. Read this for some Frugalite-friendly ways to cope.

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Summer Job Advice for Teenagers

The job your kid gets as a teenager can be a springboard for the rest of their life if they choose wisely. Here’s some advice from a dad.

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