Big Goals

How to Set BIG GOALS and Map Out a Financial Plan to Reach Them

Do you have a Big Goal that seems unreachable on your current budget? Here’s how to map your way to successfully achieving things that seem absolutely outrageous.

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How to Save for a Vacation When Money Is Tight

Just because money is tight, that doesn’t mean a holiday is out of the question. Here’s how to save for a vacation even when it seems impossible at first. Sometimes it just takes ONE TWEAK to make it happen.

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What I Live Without So I Can Afford to Travel the World

What would you be willing to do without to live the life you always dreamed of having? In this article, Daisy shares how a Frugalite can see the world or meet other Big Goals.

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How to Save Money Planning Your Vacation NOW

Did you know there are ways to save money PLANNING your vacation? If you wing it, you could waste some serious cash! Here’s what to do…

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How to Afford College Tuition on a Budget

How can you afford college tuition without having to live in a box? Is it possible to tackle college on the cheap? We’ll show you how.

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How to Learn a Trade on the Cheap

If you’re looking for a career change, but have bills to pay, just know that you can learn a trade on the cheap. This author has done it. Here are some tips to set you on your path to a new career.

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How to Reinvent Your Life and Reach Big Goals

Anyone can reinvent their lives – they just have to be willing to let go of the things that do not fit into the life of which they dream. The way you handle your money has a lot to do with this.

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How to Radically Reduce Your Expenses So You Can Change Your Life

Are you happy with your life or do you have unfulfilled dreams? Maybe it’s time to radically reduce your expenses to make your dreams a reality.

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Here’s How I Afford to Travel Full Time (Without Winning the Lottery)

Here’s how I manage to travel the world full-time without hitting the lottery or inheriting a fortune from a long lost relative.

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