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How to Cook Dry Beans from Scratch

Ever wondered how to cook dry beans? If you know how, you’ll know how to put cheap and nutritious food on the table. It isn’t nearly as intimidating as people make it sound. We’ll show you how.

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Saving with Staples: Oatmeal

Can you save money by incorporating more oatmeal into your daily diet? We think the answer is “yes.” See if you agree.

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Simple Spice Blends That Are Cheaper to Make Than Buy

Spice up your bland basics with these delicious simple spice blends. The DIY version is far cheaper than buying them already mixed.

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How to Buy Meat on a Budget

The price of meat is skyrocketing due to supply chain issues. Here’s a combination of strategies you can use to help you acquire what you need and make your meat purchases go further.

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How to Make Homemade Ice Cream with a Hand Mixer

Don’t have an ice cream maker? Don’t worry! You can easily make homemade ice cream in any flavor you want, using only a hand mixer.

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The “Whole Buffalo” Theory of Food Economics

Looking to save money? Then you need to apply the “whole buffalo theory” to your food economics! You’ll be surprised at the savings!

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Saving With Staples: Yogurt

Can you save money by incorporating yogurt into your daily diet? Here are some tasty tips to help you do just that.

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Creative Cooking from Half-Empty Pantries

When you discover that your pantries are half-empty, you quickly figure out that it’s time for some creative cooking. Here are a few tips…

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How to Pressure Can Food (You Will Not Blow Up Your House!)

You can save money if you know how to pressure can, but you have to know what you’re doing first. This is what you need to do.

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Cheap and Easy Taco Salad Recipe

Who wants to eat hot food when it’s 800 degrees outside? What you want is something cool and refreshing. What you want is taco salad. Here’s a cheap and easy recipe.

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