Managing Money

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Take the Frugalite Skills Challenge: Frug Up for the Future

Some things are easier when you turn them into a game. Check out our challenge list to get better ideas to gamify saving money!

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Hot Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online for Ca$h

Thinking of selling some stuff online? Colette shares her best tips in the hopes that you can make sales and earn a few bucks, too.

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Interesting Side Gigs for a Tight Economy

It’s hard to make ends meet in this economy, here are some interesting jobs you can look into finding to get those bills paid!

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The Rule of 3s for Budget Ease

Looking for a better way to budget? The Rule of 3s has saved our author hundreds of dollars per month. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Keep Your Job Despite AI

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm ever since ChatGPT was released. Here are some tips on keeping your job despite AI.

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How to Pull Extra Money Together When Big Bills Are Coming

Unexpected big bills can sometimes have a way of sneaking up on you. Here’s how Colette comes up with the extra money to pay them.

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How to ROCK Your Next Job Interview

Jobs can be hard to find these days, so when you get an interview, these tips will give you a better chance of succeeding and landing employment.

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Priming the Pump: How to Get Started on Your Financial Journey

You may have good intentions when it comes to managing your money, but unless you prime the pump with THIS strategy, it’s really hard to get started.

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Why You Need to Focus on Paying Off Debt NOW

With bank collapses, increasing taxes, and inflation that show no signs of slowing down, it would be very prudent to concentrate on paying off debt NOW.

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How to Create a Bullet Journal Budget

Want to make sticking to your budget fun? Indulge your artsy side and create a bullet journal budget for a visual representation of your finances. Here’s how to get started on a dime!

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