Managing Money

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Black Friday Buck

Here are some AWESOME ways to save money on Black Friday, without the risk of getting trampled by someone determined to get all the purple towels.

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How to Start a Home Based Business on a Budget

So you want to start a home-based business on a budget, but you aren’t sure how? Our author shares her frugal tips to help!

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What to Do with a Financial Windfall

When you get a financial windfall, the first question you probably ask yourself is, “What should I do with all this money?” Here’s a financial windfall plan.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Working From Home

Before you decide to start working from home, there are some important self-employment considerations to think about. Jayne shares her experiences with starting her at-home business.

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99 Ideas for Remote Self-Employment

Are you thinking of leaving the corporate workforce? Have you considered starting your own business? Here are 99 self-employment ideas to consider. You may find happiness in the process!

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How, When, and Why to Audit Your Personal Budget

If you’re not running your home like a business, you should be. This includes the need to regularly audit your personal budget and keep detailed financial records. Here are how, when, and why to do it.

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How to Get a Sweet Deal on a Used Car

When her previous car suddenly stopped running, our thrifty author had to find another within her budget. In this article, she shares her best tips for getting a sweet deal on a used car.

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What You Need to Know About Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Plastic currency is everywhere, from credit cards to debit cards. Here’s what to be aware of when using them.

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How to Establish a Good Relationship With Money

Many of us have a poor relationship with money. Here is one method using self-reflection to help you establish a good relationship with money.

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How to Have a Yard Sale: 10 Steps to Make It EPIC

Here’s some detailed advice on how to have a yard sale that will get you top dollar for stuff you don’t want anymore.

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