The Frugalite’s Guide to Flat Broke Grocery Shopping

Have you ever had a month when money is so tight you can't imagine how you're possibly going to feed your family? Then this is the article for you.
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How to Get a Sweet Deal on a Used Car

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17 Ways to “Use It Up”

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How to Cold Brew Coffee the Frugal Way

How to Get a Sweet Deal on a Used Car

When her previous car suddenly stopped running, our thrifty author had to find another within her budget. In this article, she shares her best tips for getting a sweet deal on a used car.

17 Ways to “Use It Up”

Using something right down to the very last drop is a great way to save money. Here are some creative ways to “use it up” when it comes to food, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and cosmetics.

When to Say Goodbye to an Old Car

Getting the most out of an old car means driving with no payment and limiting the money you’re willing to spend on repairs. It also means knowing when to say goodbye.

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