Managing Money

Save $300 a Month with 7 Super-Easy Changes

Don’t think that easy stuff doesn’t equate to big savings. You could potentially shave off $300-500 each month with these simple swaps.

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Things to Think About Before You Sign Up as a Rideshare Driver

Looking at signing up as a rideshare provider or delivering food with one of the apps? Here are a few things to think about first.

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How to Set Up an Inexpensive Home Office Without Sitting on a Cardboard Box

Working from home and needing to set up an inexpensive home office? Here are some tips that can help you save a few bucks. No cardboard box furniture is included in this article. ?

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How to Protect Your Privacy as You Coupon

Don’t you hate it when you’re browsing the internet and something you just saved an online coupon code for begins to pop up everywhere you go? If you’d like to prevent that and maintain more privacy with your personal information, read this.

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Here’s Why You Need Fun Money In Your Budget

It’s important to enjoy life and important to stick to a budget. Avoid breaking the bank by budgeting some fun money every month.

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Community Coupon Books Are Worth Every Cent

Community coupon books are peppering your area. You see them everywhere, everyday. But the question is: can they save you money? Here’s what our unofficial survey revealed.

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Is Owning a Truck Worth It Financially? 

Is owning a truck worth it if it’s mainly just sitting in your driveway for the occasional truck chore? Here is something to chew on…

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Can Your Lawn Cut Back on Chicken Upkeep Costs?

Trying to cut back on your chicken upkeep costs? Here are two ways that you may be able to do that using landscaping chores you already do.

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Is A Digital Envelope System A Good Idea?

If you’re using the envelope system, what about using a digital envelope system? Does it defeat the entire purpose? Let’s take a closer look.

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Financial Goals Help Get You Where You Want to Go

Can developing financial goals help you to get out of the debt cycle and attain financial independence faster? You betcha.

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