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What to Buy at the After-Christmas Sales

After the holidays, there are lots of items that go on sale which you could add to your stockpiles, put in your gift closets, or save for the following Christmas. Here’s what to shop for right now.

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Dear Frugalites: A Last-Minute Christmas Letter

Here are just a few words of advice for the eleventh hour before we finish up our Christmas shopping, gift-wrapping, and food preparing. Merry Christmas, dear Frugalites.

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The 10 Daily Habits of Frugal People

Frugality isn’t about the big things as much as it is the small ones. Here are ten thrifty habits that frugal people embrace on a daily basis.

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30 Thrifty Things for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner doesn’t have to cost an absolute fortune if you plan your menu carefully. Here are some ideas to help you keep costs in check.

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20 Free, Frugal, & Festive Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts

It’s fun to see the beautiful packages under the tree, but for the $30-50 you spend on gift wrap, fancy ribbon, and gift tags, you could buy another gift or fund your holiday feast. Here are 20 free and festive ways to wrap presents.

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Family Photographs on the Cheap

Looking for family photographs on the cheap? Here are a few options that will help you to store the memories while storing dollars too.

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(More) Low-Cost Holiday Gifts You Can Start Making Now

Need help with your Christmas list? Here are more low-cost holiday gifts you can give – even on a shoestring budget.

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The Frugalite’s Guide to Affordable Holiday Travel

Have a bit of holiday travel on the horizon? Here are a few ways to see your family without breaking the bank.

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How to Build a Frugal Cold and Flu Survival Kit

It can cost a lot of extra money to be sick if you have to go and buy all the items you need at once just to get you through it. Here’s how to plan ahead and keep down costs.

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A Frugalite’s Guide to Managing Holiday Expectations

Managing holiday expectations has never been more important. For the love of all things sprinkled with glitter and topped with a bow, give yourself permission to take it down a notch or two this year.

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