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What’s a Frugal Last Straw, and Why Does it Matter?

This Frugalite found the straw that finally broke the camel’s back for her. Let’s look at her thought process.

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Graduation Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Graduation gifts can get pretty pricey. Here are some frugal-friendly and heartfelt ideas for the grad in your life.

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Countless Thrifty Uses for Castile Soap

We’ve found your new thrifty best friend: it’s Castile soap! You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and more.

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9 Frugal Ways to Make the Most Out of Mother’s Day

Mom always takes care of you, and it’s finally Mother’s Day! Check out this article for some great tips on celebrating her.

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Heartfelt Frugal Gifts to Give When Money is Tight

There is a lot of pressure in this society to buy gifts. Colette offers some thrifty suggestions on gift-giving during these difficult financial times.

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Valuable Vaseline: More Than 55 Frugal Ways to Use It

With over 41 million units of Vaseline being sold in 2021 alone, it must be a pretty multipurpose item. Here are more than 55 frugal ways to use petroleum jelly!

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40+ Free and Frugal Things to Do at the Public Park

Is there a local park near you? Here are more than 40 free or frugal activities to check out. (Plus how to find the best local parks!)

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Getting Your Finances in Order Is an Act of Love

Money issues are a leading cause of marital strife and divorce. Aden writes that getting your finances in order is one of the most loving things you can do.

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Free Things to Do When You Have No Money

No money to spend and you feel like there’s nothing to do because of it? Here are some ideas to keep you entertained while keeping your money in your pocket.

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How to Turn Old Furniture into New Toys

By the author of The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living and What to Eat When You’re Broke Do you have some old furniture kicking around your garage or attic that …

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