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Thrifty Luxury Items That Make Me Feel Like a Million Dollars

Want to keep your frugal mojo? Keep an eye out for thrifty luxury items that offer you comfort, pleasure, and the feeling of great wealth. Colette shares her favorites.

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Saving Money on School Supplies at the Dollar Store

A new semester is starting up, and new courses mean it’s time to buy new school supplies. Can you get them at the dollar store and save money? Should you? Here’s our analysis.

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How to Save Money on Calendars and Planners

The New Year is here, and you’re likely taking a look at the calendar on your fridge thinking, “I need to replace that.” Here’s how to do it for less.

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The Most Epic Frugalite Thrifticles of 2022

It’s time to reveal the most popular frugal content from the previous 12 months. If you missed any of these posts or want a refresher before starting the New Year, check these out!

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You Used to Have Money and Now You’re Broke: How to Adapt to Financial Changes

Some folks turn to the path of frugality kicking and screaming because a major change took them from financial comfort to being broke. Here’s how to adapt to financial changes.

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What to Buy at the After-Christmas Sales

After the holidays, there are lots of items that go on sale which you could add to your stockpiles, put in your gift closets, or save for the following Christmas. Here’s what to shop for right now.

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Dear Frugalites: A Last-Minute Christmas Letter

Here are just a few words of advice for the eleventh hour before we finish up our Christmas shopping, gift-wrapping, and food preparing. Merry Christmas, dear Frugalites.

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The 10 Daily Habits of Frugal People

Frugality isn’t about the big things as much as it is the small ones. Here are ten thrifty habits that frugal people embrace on a daily basis.

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30 Thrifty Things for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner doesn’t have to cost an absolute fortune if you plan your menu carefully. Here are some ideas to help you keep costs in check.

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20 Free, Frugal, & Festive Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts

It’s fun to see the beautiful packages under the tree, but for the $30-50 you spend on gift wrap, fancy ribbon, and gift tags, you could buy another gift or fund your holiday feast. Here are 20 free and festive ways to wrap presents.

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