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How to Have a Frightfully Frugal Halloween

Do you know what’s really scary about Halloween? How much money some people spend on it! It doesn’t have to be that way with these frightfully frugal tips!

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Cheap by Choice: When Frugality Means Freedom

Hard-core frugality is not just making a choice to buy the generic laundry soap instead of a jug of Tide.  Hard-core frugality means freedom.

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Growing Older on a Budget: Tips from an Aging Frugalite

Who knew that aging costs money? Well, get older and you’ll find out! Here are some great tips to do it on a budget.

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Shopping at Costco: Things to Consider Before Signing Up

We’ve talked about spending more to save more on this site in the past. This writer goes into detail about her Costco buys!

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Head Lice 101: How to Kick Nits to the Curb

When the kids go back to school, they may bring some unwelcome guests home with them. Here’s how to evict head lice, and keep them out.

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Sensory Bins: How to Make Them for Your Kids without Spending a Fortune

Sensory bins are a great way to keep kids occupied and learning. Even better? They don’t have to cost an extra dime! Here’s how to make them.

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Smartphone to Flip Phone: Hacks to Keep on Savin’

Check out how this Frugalite copes in 2023 without a smartphone after switching to a flip phone 3 years ago.

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Back to School on a Budget

Back-to-school doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account or racking up your credit card bill. Shop responsibly and teach your kids how to work within a budget. Done right, this will teach your children and teens lessons that will serve them well through adulthood.

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Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought and Why

Have you ever made purchases you regretted? Colette shares her list of “Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought” and it’s so relatable!

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Top Tips for a Comfortable Long-Distance Train Trip

This Frugalite recently had to take a trip via train. Here’s what she did to stay comfortable and save money!

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