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Frugal Reader Round-Up: 25 Unusual Ways to Save Money

It’s a whole lot easier to save money than it is to make more money. In this round-up, 25 readers share their most unusual money-saving ideas.

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The Cheapest Way to Cook: Stove, Instant Pot, Microwave, or Crock Pot?

Have you ever wondered what is the cheapest way to cook? Let’s use a simple pot of beans to see if it can’t tell us the answer here.

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10 Tasty Ways to Save Time with Breaded Chicken

Breaded boneless chicken cutlets or strips are an incredibly versatile meal starter that can save you both time and money. Here are 10 tasty ideas.

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7 Tasty Ways to Eat Canned Vegetables – Really!

If your heart does not go pitter-patter at the idea of opening a can of veggies, here are seven thrifty recipes that might change your mind.

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7 Lies People With Money Problems Tell Themselves

Sometimes money problems can linger because people believe certain fallacies to be true. Here are 7 lies that perpetually broke people tell themselves about money.

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Beyond the Bowl: 5 Thrifty Meals from Leftover Chili

Is there a pot of chili in your future? Here are five delicious ways to use up your leftover chili that will have you looking for a bigger pot.

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6 of the WORST Frugal Living Hacks Ever

We love saving money, but some frugal living hacks are detrimental…or even downright dangerous. Here are six that may not be worth your while.

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Frugal Winter Vegetables and How the Heck to Prepare Them

Try adding some potentially unfamiliar winter vegetables like turnips, rutabagas, and celeriac to your diet. They’re good for your health and your grocery budget.

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How to SLASH Your Fixed Expenses

Lots of experts give tips about reducing discretionary spending but what about fixed expenses? You can free up a lot of money by reducing your monthly output.

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A Small Ohio Town Reduced Food Waste by 21%. We Can Use Their Strategies to Make Food Go Further.

A small town in central Ohio reduced food waste by 21%. We can use some of their strategies in our own households to reduce food waste and save money.

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