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A Weekly Replenishing Routine Makes Me Happy and Grateful

A weekly replenishing routine can set up the week ahead for success and comfort, and it’s also a practice in gratitude.

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5 Ways Small Homes Can Save You BIG Money

Living in a small home can be very thrifty. Here are five ways that squeezing into small home living can save you big bucks.

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How Getting Organized with The Home Edit Saves Me Money

I recently started organizing my apartment with a thrifty version of The Home Edit and I love it. Bonus: Here’s how it saves me money.

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Is an Air Fryer Worthwhile for the Frugal Kitchen?

Do air fryers live up to the hype? Are they something you should add to your frugal kitchen? Here are the pros and cons.

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5 Ways to Downsize and Save Money

If money is tight, try one of these clever ways to downsize and see how much money you can save every single month.

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5 Ways City Living Can SAVE You Money

Common wisdom is that city living is outrageously expensive and filled with pricey pitfalls. But a savvy urbanite can save a lot of money by taking advantage of a lifestyle that is only available in more populous places.

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The Ultimate Frugal Soup Formula

One of the best ways to stretch a meal is by taking a small amount of food and making soup. Here’s the formula to create the ultimate frugal soup!

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How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe Without Spending a DIME on Clothes

You don’t have to go out and buy all-new apparel to level up your look. In fact, most of us can upgrade our wardrobe without spending a single dime on clothes.

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How to Set BIG GOALS and Map Out a Financial Plan to Reach Them

Do you have a Big Goal that seems unreachable on your current budget? Here’s how to map your way to successfully achieving things that seem absolutely outrageous.

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How Radical Gratitude Can Help You Get Through Hard Times

As hard times smack you in the face and steal your wallet, is radical gratitude one of the things that can help you make it through?

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