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Save Money by Getting Your Yard Ready for Winter

Save money and time by getting your yard ready for winter with these maintenance tasks. You will be happy you did when spring arrives.

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How to Stay Warm with Less Heat

In these days of tight budgets and expensive utilities, staying warm without spending hundreds of dollars a month on your heating bill is essential.

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What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Extreme poverty is becoming more common. If you’re in a desperate situation and you can’t pay your bills, here’s how to prioritize in order to survive.

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Jack-o-Lantern Pie: Frugal, Egg-Free Pumpkin Pie Filling

Here’s our family recipe for Jack-o-Lantern pie! Check out what is more boringly known as egg-free pumpkin pie filling – a simple and thrifty recipe. 🎃

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What to Do with a Financial Windfall

When you get a financial windfall, the first question you probably ask yourself is, “What should I do with all this money?” Here’s a financial windfall plan.

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What Feels Like a Food Shortage Is Fairly Normal in Other Countries. Here’s How to Adjust Your Perspective

People are panicking about the empty shelves in stores, but there ARE still products available. We just have fewer options for each item than we did before. Here are some thoughts about changing your perspective from one of worry and deprivation.

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Every Thrifty Thing to Know About Cooking and Preserving Pumpkin

Pumpkins are commonly used for decor from Halloween right on through Thanksgiving. But pumpkins have more to offer than their good looks – be sure to cook or preserve them, too!

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6 Delicious Ways to Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: Frugal Recipe

In the spirit of using as much of the pumpkin as possible, make a tasty snack with the seeds. Here are 6 different flavors for roasted pumpkin seeds.

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Preserving Apples: 3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Local Fruit This Winter

It’s apple-harvesting time! Here are 3 delicious and easy ways to preserve abundant seasonal fruit to enjoy over the winter.

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How to Use Hard Times to Teach Your Kids Resilience

How you handle life’s challenges as a parent can set an example for your children. Here’s how you can use hard times to teach your kids the crucial trait of resilience.

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