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How to Cook without a Recipe: Hodge-Podge Salsa

Looking for a frugal means to spice up your Mexican dish? Try our hodge-podge salsa recipe. Not only is it cheap, it’s delicious and can be made from whatever you have kicking around your refrigerator.

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Mason Jar Meals: 3 “Fast Food” Canning Recipes for a Home-Cooked Meal ASAP

Looking for some frugal canning recipes? We’ve got you covered. Hungarian goulash, beef stroganoff, and chicken cacciatore are all here!

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Baking Without Eggs IS Possible

Allergic to eggs or can’t find them at the store? What is a frugalite to do? Baking without eggs IS possible. We’ll show you how.

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How to Make Sunflower Seed Pesto

The problem with pesto is pine nuts are expensive. For a budget-friendly, allergen-free option, Sunflower Seed Pesto may be your new favorite condiment.

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How to Make Your Own Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Do you want to protect your skin from sun damage without all the nasty chemicals and the high price? It’s budget-friendly and simple to make your own non-toxic sunscreen.

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How to Make Dishwasher Powder (That Doubles as Scouring Powder)

Remember in the old days of about 5 years ago when we scooped powder into the little compartment on the door of the dishwasher? Here’s how to make that.

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How (and Why) to Build an Emergency Fund

Do you have an emergency fund? It’s a very important thing to put money aside for a rainy day. Here’s what you need to know.

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How To Make a FREE DIY Weed Killer from Someone’s Bad Habit

Sometimes we have to deal with noxious weeds. If you’re looking for a DIY weed killer that’s NOT vinegar, then look no further.

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Lifestyles of the Flat Broke: Living in a Really Bad Neighborhood

Living in a bad neighborhood was an eye-opening experience, to say the least. Here’s how one family kept safe and got out unscathed.

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The Frugalite’s Ultimate Guide to Living BENEATH Your Means

While many people advocate living WITHIN your means, that may not be quite enough. When you live BENEATH your means, there’s money left over for a rainy day.

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