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8 Spring Break Childcare Options That Won’t Break the Bank

With spring break just around the corner, here are some ideas for affordable childcare alternatives that won’t break the bank.

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Spring Break: 5 Frugal Fun Activities for Kids

Looking for Spring Break family fun that won’t leave you spring-broke? Check out these five frugal activities to keep your kids entertained on a dime.

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Food Insecurity, Food Banks, and Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed

The state of the economy, supply chain issues, inflation – they’re all leading to a level of food insecurity that leads straight to the food bank. Here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed if you find yourself in this situation.

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65 Ways to Use Peanut Butter (And They Aren’t All for Eating!)

How many different ways can you use peanut butter? You might be surprised at this versatile food that is a boon to the Frugalite.

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4 Quick and Easy Kid-Friendly Dinners

Is life getting hectic and you’re desperately in need of some ideas for kid-friendly dinners? We’ve got your back. Check out these four recipes. Kids love ’em.

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Road Tripping with the Kids: How to Stay Organized, Entertained, and Safe on a Budget

Getting ready for a road trip with your kids? Here are some budget-conscious tips that will help you arrive at your destination without becoming an alcoholic.

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Fun And Frugal Outdoor Activities For Kids

Looking for fun and frugal outdoor activities for kids? Here are a few ideas that will keep your kids entertained on a budget.

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How to Stay Cool in Hot Weather When the A.C. Breaks

Did your air conditioner just break? (This only happens in the summer, it seems.) Is it the hottest day of the year? (Naturally.) Here’s how to stay cool without breaking the bank.

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How to Make Homemade Broth Out of Scraps

Ever wondered how to make your own homemade broth out of the kitchen scraps you’ve got sitting around? We’ll show you how.

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Homemade Sushi on a Budget

Like sushi but don’t like paying top dollar? Here’s how to make your own at-home version on a budget. You’ll love it!

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