Chloe Morgan

The Ultimate Frugal Pasta Salad Formula

This thrifty food revolutionized our author’s weekday meals. Here, she shares her ultimate frugal pasta salad formula that you can customize based on what you have on hand.

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7 Tips for Eating Out on a Budget

While dining at a restaurant can be outrageously expensive, you can do it for a little less. Here are our tips for eating out on a budget.

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9 Frugal Ways to Make the Most Out of Mother’s Day

Mom always takes care of you, and it’s finally Mother’s Day! Check out this article for some great tips on celebrating her.

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Valuable Vaseline: More Than 55 Frugal Ways to Use It

With over 41 million units of Vaseline being sold in 2021 alone, it must be a pretty multipurpose item. Here are more than 55 frugal ways to use petroleum jelly!

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40+ Free and Frugal Things to Do at the Public Park

Is there a local park near you? Here are more than 40 free or frugal activities to check out. (Plus how to find the best local parks!)

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A Frugalite’s Guide to Gravy without the Roast (and 17 Things to Do with It)

Looking for a way to perk up an ordinary meal without spending a lot of money? Take some tips from this gravy-loving writer!

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How to ROCK Your Next Job Interview

Jobs can be hard to find these days, so when you get an interview, these tips will give you a better chance of succeeding and landing employment.

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8 Spring Break Childcare Options That Won’t Break the Bank

With spring break just around the corner, here are some ideas for affordable childcare alternatives that won’t break the bank.

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Spring Break: 5 Frugal Fun Activities for Kids

Looking for Spring Break family fun that won’t leave you spring-broke? Check out these five frugal activities to keep your kids entertained on a dime.

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Food Insecurity, Food Banks, and Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed

The state of the economy, supply chain issues, inflation – they’re all leading to a level of food insecurity that leads straight to the food bank. Here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed if you find yourself in this situation.

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