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How A Little Spring Cleaning Can Save (Or Add!) A Little Cash In Your Pocket!

You may be surprised how a simple bit of spring cleaning can actually save you a nice chunk of change! We’ll show you why.

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What’s On Sale and In Season at the Grocery Store Every Month of the Year

Saving on food is easy with this calendar of what’s on sale and in season at the grocery store every month of the year.

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How to Spice Up Your Pasta in a Pinch

Pasta is one of the most Frugalite-friendly foods that there is. But nobody wants to eat the same flavor day in and day out! Spice it up!

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How to Get the Majority of Your Protein on a Budget

Can’t afford the current price of meat due to inflation? Here are some ways to still get your protein on a budget.

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How Much Do You Know About Your Debt and Loans?

Debt and loans have their own jargon that every Frugalite needs to thoroughly understand. Check out this important glossary.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Borrowing Money

Before even THINKING about borrowing money, these are the questions that you need to be considering. Don’t sign until you read this.

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No-Spend Month Challenge: Let’s Wrap It Up

The No-Spend Month Challenge draws to a close. Here is how our author fared during the last week, the lessons she learned, and the money she saved.

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What is Decision Fatigue and Is It Affecting Your Spending?

Is decision fatigue hitting your wallet? If this is where you find yourself, here is what you need to do right now.

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16 Things You Didn’t Know Could Save You Money

Forget the easy stuff everybody recommends. Here are 16 things you probably didn’t know could save you money…

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No-Spend Month Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 of the No-Spend Month challenge has passed! How did you fare? To see where our author succeeded and where she failed, click the link!

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