Chloe Morgan

9 Super-Easy Ways to Spend Less Money

Do you need to spend less money? Here are 9 super-easy ways to save money that are so simple anyone can do them.

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Money and Mental Health: A Vicious Cycle

Mental health issues and money problems can be inextricably linked. This can wreak havoc on both your personal life and your budget.

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Cabbage: How to Add This Thrifty Winter Vegetable to Your Menu

Are you looking for some frugal ways to add more veggies to your diet? Cabbage is one of the cheapest choices around this time of year.

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4 Tasty Ways to Spice Up Your Rice

Want to stretch your grocery money further? Just add rice. Here are 4 tasty ways to eat rice, stick to your budget, and spice up your life!

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