Chloe Morgan

My First Credit Card: Mistakes and Lessons Learned

My first credit card taught me a LOT about personal finances. If you’re looking at getting one, read this first.

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No-Spend Month Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 of the No-Spend Month has passed. How did you fare? Here are the things that our writer has learned along this journey.

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How a Steam Mop Can Save You Money

Is there one household item that can save you money in your cleaning expenses? We think so: a steam mop. Here’s why you should consider one.

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32 Frugal Ways To Use Tortillas and 15 Types You’ve GOT to Try!

Tortillas are potentially one of the most versatile food items out there. And the best part? They’re frugal-friendly! Here are some creative ways to enjoy tortillas.

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Challenge: A No-Spend Month – Week 1

Week 1 of our author’s personal No-Spend Month is finally over! Here were her challenges and what she learned along the way.

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Lifestyles of the Flat Broke: Living in a Motel

Living in a motel is not ideal, but sometimes life forces your hand. Here are the tips our thrifty author learned from a one-month stay.

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How to Have a Frugal Valentine’s Day

How can one be both frugal AND a Valentine? Don’t you have to spend hundreds of dollars? We disagree! Here are frugal ways to show your love.

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The Library: A Frugalite’s Best Friend

Are there ways that a library can save the budget-conscious Frugalite some money? Absolutely! We’ll show you how!

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Challenge: Can you Survive A No-Spend Month with Me?

Looking to get serious about your personal finances? Then consider embarking on our No-Spend month with us.

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The Amazing Potential of Lentils and How to Use Them

The ways you can cook lentils are literally endless. You can add these protein-packed legumes to almost any dish and, better still, they’re dirt cheap!

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