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Frugal Reader Round-Up: 25 Unusual Ways to Save Money

It’s a whole lot easier to save money than it is to make more money. In this round-up, 25 readers share their most unusual money-saving ideas.

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How to Save Money on Calendars and Planners

The New Year is here, and you’re likely taking a look at the calendar on your fridge thinking, “I need to replace that.” Here’s how to do it for less.

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The Most Epic Frugalite Thrifticles of 2022

It’s time to reveal the most popular frugal content from the previous 12 months. If you missed any of these posts or want a refresher before starting the New Year, check these out!

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What to Buy at the After-Christmas Sales

After the holidays, there are lots of items that go on sale which you could add to your stockpiles, put in your gift closets, or save for the following Christmas. Here’s what to shop for right now.

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Creative Ways to Save Money on Art Supplies

If your heart bleeds through a paintbrush but money is tight, you need to know how to save money on art supplies. Here are a few tips

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6 Ways to Save Money That I Learned in Greece

Traveling abroad has taught me so much. Here are a few ways to save money that I picked up during my time in Greece after the economic meltdown.

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Tiny Little Steps Can Boost Your Productivity in a BIG Way

Are there small things you can add to your day to boost your productivity? You may be surprised how easy this is.

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Do Paper Plates Really Save You Money?

Does using paper plates really save you money in the long run? If we look at the math, you may be surprised…

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Can Membership at Warehouse Stores Save You Money? 

Can memberships at warehouse stores actually save you money? Or are these just financial traps to avoid? Here are a few points to consider.

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Creative Ways I Use My Car to Add Value and Save Money

Are there ways to use your car other than just for driving? Can you save money by adding value to it with these activities? Here’s how Colette does it!

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