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How to Choose the Right Airbnb or Accommodations for Your Trip

Making the right choice for your accommodations can be the difference between a pleasant, restful, thrifty stay or one that leaves you annoyed, overspent, and uncomfortable.

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6 Ways to Save Money with Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance can save you a tidy sum in mechanic bills down the road. Here are six ways to ensure that money stays with YOU.

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How to Save Money by Boosting Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Gasoline is expensive. Learn how to save money by boosting your car’s fuel efficiency with these simple tricks.

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18 Practical Ways to Use Ashes from Your Fireplace

Do you heat your house with wood? The ashes have all sorts of practical uses that might not only surprise you, but save you money as well!

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20 Ways to Use Banana Peels Instead of Throwing Them Away

If you’re always looking for ways to save a dime and reduce waste, banana peels have an abundance of uses. Here are 20 different and practical ways to use the humble banana peel.

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Getting Ready for Winter Driving on a Budget

Winter driving needs to be taken seriously. Part of that is ensuring you have the tools for the job. Here’s how to do this on a budget!

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8 Thrifty Ways to Save Money on Gas

With high gas prices looking like they’re here to stay, some preventative maintenance and other tricks can help you save money on gas

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The Frugalite Holdout: Things I Refuse to Get Rid Of

In the spirit of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,” our author shares her version: the trusty Frugalite Holdout.

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12 Ways to Use Fall Leaves

What better way to save money than to use something most people throw away? If you’re a Frugalite, you probably LOVE free stuff. Read on for a dozen things to do with fall leaves.

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Save Money on Gas by Adding THIS

Want to save money on gas? Our author’s mechanic told her to add this “secret sauce” to the gas tank for improved mileage.

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