Oat Milk: How to Make it and What to Do with it

Dairy is crazy expensive these days and alternatives are even more so… This Frugalite has mastered making oat milk, and is sharing all her tricks with us!

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Summer Job Advice for Teenagers

The job your kid gets as a teenager can be a springboard for the rest of their life if they choose wisely. Here’s some advice from a dad.

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woman looking at piggy bank, side jobs

Interesting Side Gigs for a Tight Economy

It’s hard to make ends meet in this economy, here are some interesting jobs you can look into finding to get those bills paid!

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The Rule of 3s for Budget Ease

Looking for a better way to budget? The Rule of 3s has saved our author hundreds of dollars per month. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Ultimate Frugal Pasta Salad Formula

This thrifty food revolutionized our author’s weekday meals. Here, she shares her ultimate frugal pasta salad formula that you can customize based on what you have on hand.

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7 Tips for Eating Out on a Budget

While dining at a restaurant can be outrageously expensive, you can do it for a little less. Here are our tips for eating out on a budget.

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Finding Food, and Hope, During Difficult Times

This Frugalite gives the best advice on how to stay hopeful in food insecure settings. Let’s be honest, we need more of that.

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symbolic gift, man happy to receive gift

Symbolic Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Gift giving doesn’t have to be handmade or expensive. Here are some ways this Frugalite was impacted by getting symbolic gifts growing up.

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Take Care of Your Shoes on a Shoestring Budget

No one wants to spend unnecessary money on a new pair of shoes. This Frugalite has some great tips for giving your shoes a new lease on life!

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frugal last straw, image of a piggy bank.

What’s a Frugal Last Straw, and Why Does it Matter?

This Frugalite found the straw that finally broke the camel’s back for her. Let’s look at her thought process.

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