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No Kitchen Gadgets? Here’s How to Cook without the Bells and Whistles

Many people have cabinets full of kitchen gadgets, but do you really need them? Here’s how to cook without all those bells and whistles.

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Refinishing Furniture on the Cheap

You don’t need to struggle when working on old furniture. This Frugalite has your back. Get all the tips on the different stains and finishes that are out there!

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A Frugalite’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Ready for spring cleaning? Here’s Colette’s advice for some thrifty ways to deep clean when you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it.

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How to Repurpose Disposable Food Containers in the Garden

You have to buy SOME food, right? Here’s how to repurpose those “disposable” food containers in the garden. Save money AND the planet!

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Buy BIG, Save BIG: Things I Buy in Bulk

When you buy BIG, you can save BIG. In this article are Colette’s best tips for how to buy in bulk and save money.

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7 Items I Keep in My Thrifty Things Survival Kit

There are 7 thrifty things I always have available for speedy repairs. Here are the items that every frugal soul should keep close at hand.

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9 Places to Find Frugal Art for Your House

Have a hankering for some frugal art to liven up your place but wondering where to find it? You may want to try some of these locations.

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Buying a Wood Stove: Cautionary Tales for Thrifty Shoppers

This author just bought her first wood stove and had it installed. Here is what she learned along the way and why it could save you BIG money.

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Can You Get By Without Home Internet?

Is it possible to use means of connecting other than home internet if you’re really strapped for cash? We think so. Here’s how.

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Practical Closet Shelving on the Cheap

If you’re tired of your house being a mess but don’t have the funds for top-dollar organization, then you may want to consider these cheap closet shelving ideas

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