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The Economics of Fishing

For those wondering how they can put meat on the table, you may be wondering, is fishing economically worth it? We’ll show you the math.

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Can You Save Money By Hunting?

Can you save money by hunting? Let’s take a look at the costs and benefits.

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Frugal Dutch Oven Bread for Just Over a Dollar a Loaf

Looking to save money in the kitchen? Check out our frugal Dutch oven bread recipe! It costs all of $1.25 to bake!

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This FREE 1918 Wartime Cookbook Can Help with Modern-Day Problems

A free wartime cookbook from 1918 can help us with modern-day problems we’re facing right now, like inflation, limited options, and supply chain issues.

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12 Thrifty Non-Meat Protein Sources

Looking for cheap, non-meat protein sources? Grocery prices on hamburger got you down? Check out our recommendations!

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Local Food and the Unsustainable Absurdity of the Average American Diet

If your fresh fruit needs a passport to get to you, is it really all that fresh? Buying local food is excellent for your diet AND wallet!

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How to Buy Meat on a Budget (Despite Skyrocketing Prices)

Between staff shortages and inflation, meat prices are skyrocketing. You need new strategies to buy meat on a budget.

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How to Go Gluten-Free Without the Billion Dollar Big Food Rip-Off

How do you go gluten-free without the billion-dollar ripoff Big Food likes to push? Here’s how to get around this racket and eat without wheat even if you’re on a budget.

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What to Eat When You’re Broke (But You Still Want Healthy Food)

You can’t always afford to plunk down a week’s salary for a bag of groceries from Whole Foods, but you can still make healthy choices. Here’s what to eat when you’re broke.

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Easy, Thrifty Holiday Cookies from Pantry Ingredients

Down to the wire and need some holiday treats? Here are some simple, inexpensive egg-free recipes for cookies that are right from the pantry.

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