How to Make Hot Chocolate from Scratch

Everything is better when you make it from scratch, and that’s true for the ultimate winter drink, hot chocolate. And of course…it’s also thriftier to DIY your hot cocoa.

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Jamaican Pumpkin Soup: Frugal Recipe

Jamaican Pumpkin Soup is warm, cozy comfort food at its finest. There’s nothing exotic, pricy, or hard to find in this international-sounding soup.

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How to Use Up Tortillas: Chilaquiles

Do you have a bag of tortilla chips or soft tortillas that became stale? Don’t throw them away! Use them the way they do in Mexico and make chilaquiles!

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10 Ways to Make Mac and Cheese Magic

Boxed mac & cheese isn’t the healthiest food, but it’s cheap in a pinch. Here are 10 ways you can jazz it up, use it to extend leftovers, or feed a large family.

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How to Make Gravy (And How It Can Liven Up Frugal Food)

Nothing helps stretch a meal, pull things together, or disguise less than stellar quality food like gravy. Here’s how to make brown gravy and white gravy.

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Frugal Food Prep Keeps You On-Budget

When you prep your food ahead of time, dinner is on the table faster than you can say “drive-thru”.  Your budget (and your health) will thank you!

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