Flat Broke

How Do You Get Out of the Credit Card Cycle and Onto the Envelope System?

How do you get onto the envelope system when there’s no money to withdraw by the end of the month from the bank? We have some advice.

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How to Break It to Your Kids That You’re Broke

Being broke is hard. Telling your kids is even harder. But if you’re honest with them, you can teach them some incredibly important life lessons.

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What to Do When You Have Sudden Money Problems

Anyone can have a financial emergency. It’s what you do to bail yourself out of it that determines if the problem will be ongoing or if you’ll recover quickly.

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The “Whole Buffalo” Theory of Food Economics

Looking to save money? Then you need to apply the “whole buffalo theory” to your food economics! You’ll be surprised at the savings!

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How Radical Gratitude Can Help You Get Through Hard Times

As hard times smack you in the face and steal your wallet, is radical gratitude one of the things that can help you make it through?

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How Personal Rationing Helps Me Save Money

Can you save money by personally rationing out the items you use on a daily basis? Colette will show you just if it’s possible.

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The Frugalite’s Guide to Surviving Without Air Conditioning

How do you stay cool in the dog days of summer without breaking the bank because of an always-running air conditioner? Here are our best tips.

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How to Feed Your Family When You’re Flat Broke

Feeding your family when you’re flat broke isn’t easy but it can be done.  Here’s how to prepare for a lean month when you’re on a super-tight budget.

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Five Frugal Treats for Difficult Times

Looking for some frugal treats to help you keep your sanity as the economy toys with your savings? Here are five ideas that may help…

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12 Ways to Radically Cut Your Expenses

Need to cut your expenses? Are rising living costs getting you down? Here are 12 things you can do to keep more money in your wallet.

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