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How Creative Bartering Can Save You Money

Bartering can be a great way to get the goods and services you need as frugally as possible. Here are some time-tested tips…

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The Top Ten Posts of 2021 at The Frugalite

What are the top ten posts of 2021 here at The Frugalite? What can we glean from our readers from this list? You may be surprised…

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What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Extreme poverty is becoming more common. If you’re in a desperate situation and you can’t pay your bills, here’s how to prioritize in order to survive.

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Money Problems: When it Rains, It Pours

How we react to bad things that happen is the true definition of who we are. Daisy shows that by learning to turn a negative situation into a more positive experience, we become stronger and more adaptable.

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The Poverty Trap: How A Small Financial Setback Can Spiral Into an Inescapable Disaster

With America’s “fee” system that punishes poor people, here’s how one small financial setback can spiral into an inescapable disaster, and some tips for digging your way out.

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How to Talk to Creditors When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

When money is tight or your financial circumstances have changed, speaking to your creditors can help you buy enough time to get through the crisis.

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The Brutal Truth About Poverty That Most People Don’t Want to Believe

There is one brutal truth about poverty that most people who aren’t experiencing it refuse to believe. And that truth is that it can happen to anyone. Especially now.

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Lifestyles of the Flat Broke and Resilient: A Personal Story

This isn’t advice for folks who are just down a few hundred bucks a month. It’s for people who are truly desperate to stay housed and fed.

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