Frugal Downsizing: How To’s and Thrifty Tips

Downsizing isn’t easy, whether you’re moving, or clearing out a storage unit. This Frugalite gives some of her best tips for the process!

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Here’s How to Cut Costs While Moving

Moving can get expensive, here are some great tips from this Frugalite on how to save money during your next move.

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Graduation Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Graduation gifts can get pretty pricey. Here are some frugal-friendly and heartfelt ideas for the grad in your life.

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The 3 Hardest Areas to Stay Frugal in 2023

While inflation raises the price of everything, there are three main areas where it will be particularly difficult to maintain our frugality in 2023.

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How to Make Homemade Broth Out of Scraps

Ever wondered how to make your own homemade broth out of the kitchen scraps you’ve got sitting around? We’ll show you how.

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The Books That Have Influenced the Way I Think About Money

There are a number of books that have influenced the way our author thinks about money. If they’ve helped him out, perhaps they can help you as well.

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Composting for Beginners: $12 DIY Compost Bin (and 50+ Things You Can Compost)

Here’s how to make a super-easy DIY compost bin for only $12, plus a list of more than 50 things you can compost in it.

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30 Frugal Living Tips: Tiny Changes That’ll Get You BIG Savings

Making some small adjustments in your day-to-day habits can actually add up to huge savings. You can save thousands of dollars with these 30 changes.

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The Items You’ll Save the Most on at Yard Sales

Yard sale season is just around the corner. What are the items you’ll save the most money on that are going to be sitting out on those lawns?

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Name Your Price for Our Thrifty Christmas Book!

Opt-out of the holiday insanity. Get more than 100 tips for budgeting, decorating, traditions, gifts, and charity, plus recipes for festive, frugal food.

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