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What’s the Cheapest Way to Travel with Airbnb? 

Have your heart set on exploring someplace new, but need a frugal way of doing so? Here are some of the cheapest ways to travel with Airbnb.

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Do Timeshare Talks Save You Money?

Just attend a few timeshare talks and you’ll have an entire summer of free vacations, right? WRONG. Don’t fall for the trap.

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Free Swimming Pool Games to Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours

Looking for some free swimming pool games to play with your kids this summer to keep them entertained and cash in your wallet? Check these out…

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Road Tripping with the Kids: How to Stay Organized, Entertained, and Safe on a Budget

Getting ready for a road trip with your kids? Here are some budget-conscious tips that will help you arrive at your destination without becoming an alcoholic.

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Fun And Frugal Outdoor Activities For Kids

Looking for fun and frugal outdoor activities for kids? Here are a few ideas that will keep your kids entertained on a budget.

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Frugal Festivities: An Upside-Down and Backward Birthday Party

An upside-down and backward birthday party for my daughter was the most memorable and it cost practically nothing except the price of refreshments. Here’s how to have an upside-down and backward party of your own.

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How to Save a Fortune on Kids’ Clothes

Kids’ clothes can cost a family a small fortune. The Frugalite family needs to know how to save cash here. In this article, we’ll show you how.

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Saving Money on Saturday: Building a Geocache with Kids

Looking for a frugal way to entertain your kids this Saturday? Why not try building a geocache? Here’s how.

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How to Have a Frightfully Frugal Halloween

Do you know what’s really scary about Halloween? How much money people spend on it. It doesn’t have to be that way with these frightfully frugal tips!

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How to Use Hard Times to Teach Your Kids Resilience

How you handle life’s challenges as a parent can set an example for your children. Here’s how you can use hard times to teach your kids the crucial trait of resilience.

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