Can You Save Money By Laying Your Own Flooring?

Can you save money by installing new flooring yourself? It depends on the type. But if you have the tools and know-how, we think you can.

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How to Install a Ceiling Fan: The Handy Frugalite

Installing a ceiling fan is a relatively simple DIY project that can help improve the airflow and circulation in your home. This saves money on your utility bills, which is really important right now.

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The Frugalite’s Guide to Productive Hobbies

It’s important to take time to relax, but you don’t have to waste your spare time with frivolous or costly activities. Choose a productive hobby instead.

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How to Make Your Own Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Do you want to protect your skin from sun damage without all the nasty chemicals and the high price? It’s budget-friendly and simple to make your own non-toxic sunscreen.

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How to Make Dishwasher Powder (That Doubles as Scouring Powder)

Remember in the old days of about 5 years ago when we scooped powder into the little compartment on the door of the dishwasher? Here’s how to make that.

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How To Make a FREE DIY Weed Killer from Someone’s Bad Habit

Sometimes we have to deal with noxious weeds. If you’re looking for a DIY weed killer that’s NOT vinegar, then look no further.

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How to Make a Homemade Moisturizer You Could Actually Eat

Don’t want noxious chemical leaching through your skin? Then you’ll love our 3-ingredient homemade moisturizer!

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Give the Gift of a Garden for a Little Over $10

Giving your loved ones the gift of a garden doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out this charming project for gifting garden seeds.

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21 Frugal Ideas to Decorate Your Home For Fall

Do you love to decorate your home for fall but hate the high prices of standard decorations? Here are 21 frugal ways to decorate for autumn!

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How to Build a Fence on a Shoestring Budget

Even if you don’t need to build a fence, you can surely find frugal inspiration in this story. Colette shares how she built a garden-saving fence on a shoestring budget.

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