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Eco-friendly, Reusable Art Supplies for Frugalites

This author is very experienced in the art department, and she has some frugal-icious reusable art supplies for us! Check out these ideas!

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How to Sharpen Drill Bits and Save Money

The drill is arguably the tool that people use most, and that being the case, it makes sense to do what you can to make it so that it is as inexpensive to run as possible. Here’s how to sharpen your drill bits.

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Frugal Ways to Make the Most Out of Summer Strawberries

It’s strawberry season, the Frugalite way! Learn what you can do with those strawberry tops that most people throw out and how to freeze and use those luscious berries.

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Broken Things I Own that Still Work (and Save me Money!)

There is freedom in the capacity to love broken things. Save the money, appreciate the function and remember that beauty can co-exist with imperfection.

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How to Make Play-Dough and 9 Fun Things to Do with It

Are you out of ideas for keeping the kids entertained during summer? This Frugalite has the best solution… DIY Play-dough!

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Hot Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online for Ca$h

Thinking of selling some stuff online? Colette shares her best tips in the hopes that you can make sales and earn a few bucks, too.

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A Cheap Way to Fix a Door Inside Your House

Do you have a hole in an interior hollow-core door at your place? Here’s a cheap way to fix a door in just a few easy steps.

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10 Random Things I Do to Save Money

We believe that little habits add up over time. In this article, Colette shares some of the random small actions she takes to save money.

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What to Eat When You Don’t Have a Kitchen

If you find yourself unable to cook for some reason, eating out for every meal would break the bank. Here’s what to eat when you don’t have a kitchen.

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Onions: Saving with Staples

Onions are a versatile, tasty, nutritious addition to your frugal kitchen. In this article, Colette explains how she saves with this staple.

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