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What People Ate During the Great Depression

As food becomes less available and more expensive, what people ate during the Great Depression reminds us how that little bit of creativity can go a long way.

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99 Ideas for Remote Self-Employment

Are you thinking of leaving the corporate workforce? Have you considered starting your own business? Here are 99 self-employment ideas to consider. You may find happiness in the process!

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The $20 Grocery Challenge: How Many Calories Can You Get?

One week. Twenty dollars. 2,500 calories a day. What reasonably nutritious items would you buy for the $20 grocery challenge? What items would you swap in or out?

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Gardening on a Budget: How to Grow Food Dirt Cheap

Gardening is a blast and even better if you can do it dirt cheap! Here’s how this stay-at-home mom and her family grow their food cheap or free!

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How to Cold Brew Coffee the Frugal Way

Make cold brew coffee at home with these super easy and frugal methods. Your iced coffee will never taste watery or bitter again!

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How to Establish a Good Relationship With Money

Many of us have a poor relationship with money. Here is one method using self-reflection to help you establish a good relationship with money.

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How to Make Frugal Fermented Sauerkraut

Making your own fermented sauerkraut is inexpensive, probiotic-rich, and super-easy. It’s a delicious side dish and great on sandwiches, too!

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Open Enrollment Health Insurance: 4 Options That May Be More Affordable Than Your Employer’s Plan

Employer-provided health plans have outrageous premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums, and we often receive little benefit in return. These 4 options may be more affordable than your employer’s plan.

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