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Bountiful Breadcrumbs: A Free-Or-Frugal Kitchen Resource

Stop! Don’t throw those breadcrumbs in the compost pile! They’re a versatile resource that can be used in all kinds of tasty cooking.

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Bettas: The Surprisingly Frugal Fish

Looking for a frugal, interesting pet? The Betta fish might be the answer! Here’s what you need to know before you bring one home.

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Cheap Grocery Week: How to Eat Well on a $30 Budget

If money is tight and groceries are pricey, what are you going to eat? We’ve got you covered with this reader’s cheap grocery week plan.

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How to Install a Ceiling Fan: The Handy Frugalite

Installing a ceiling fan is a relatively simple DIY project that can help improve the airflow and circulation in your home. This saves money on your utility bills, which is really important right now.

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Creative Ways to Save Money on Art Supplies

If your heart bleeds through a paintbrush but money is tight, you need to know how to save money on art supplies. Here are a few tips

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On a Special Diet? Here’s What to Eat As the Supply Chain Breaks

How can you get the food you need and do so on a budget if you have to eat a special diet? We’ll show you how.

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Feeling the Urge to Homestead? Here’s Some Honest Advice

Are you feeling the urge to start a homestead so that you can save a bit of money? Here’s what you need to know first.

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How To Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

Taking elderberry syrup regularly but sick of paying high prices? Make your own! We’ll show you how to do so on the cheap.

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Reinventing Yourself by Financial Change: 4 Money Lessons from Schitt’s Creek 

Are there financial lessons that you can learn from Schitt’s Creek? Here, we’ll show you four important lessons you can learn from the TV show.

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Do You Save Money By Canning?

Can you save money by canning? We think so! Here’s how the financials break down, and why you’ll want to consider canning this summer.

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