Ways to Limit Funeral Expenses

Losing a loved one is hard. It’s even more tough when you’re focused on the financial stress of it, rather than simply grieving. Here are some tips to save money during this difficult time.

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Frugal Downsizing: How To’s and Thrifty Tips

Downsizing isn’t easy, whether you’re moving, or clearing out a storage unit. This Frugalite gives some of her best tips for the process!

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Growing Older on a Budget: Tips from an Aging Frugalite

Who knew that aging costs money? Well, get older and you’ll find out! Here are some great tips to do it on a budget.

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two people saving for challenge

Take the Frugalite Skills Challenge: Frug Up for the Future

Some things are easier when you turn them into a game. Check out our challenge list to get better ideas to gamify saving money!

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Smartphone to Flip Phone: Hacks to Keep on Savin’

Check out how this Frugalite copes in 2023 without a smartphone after switching to a flip phone 3 years ago.

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Toilet Paper Economics: A Crash Course

Cutting costs on essential items is almost impossible in this economy. Here’s how we can lower our own toilet paper expenses!

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canning vegetables

How to Save Time and Money When Canning

Do you know how much canning can help you save? This Frugalite goes over all the benefits including money, time, and your mood!

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Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought and Why

Have you ever made purchases you regretted? Colette shares her list of “Things I Wish I Hadn’t Bought” and it’s so relatable!

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How to Feel Full When Eating Less

When money is tight, there’s only so much we can put towards groceries. Here are some fantastic tips on how to feel full while eating less.

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31-derful Uses for an Extra Mason Jar

Want to repurpose your old Mason jar you’re not ready to part with? This Frugalite came up with 31 ways to use it.

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