Are You Suffering from Burnout? Here Are Some Low-Cost Solutions

Attempting to cope with burnout doesn’t have to wreck your budget. Here are some Frugalite-friendly tips that may help when the stress has gone on for too long.

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Creative Ways I Use My Car to Add Value and Save Money

Are there ways to use your car other than just for driving? Can you save money by adding value to it with these activities? Here’s how Colette does it!

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Frugalite-Friendly Home Spa Treatments

There are plenty of Frugalite-friendly home spa treatments you can use for self-care that will both make you and your wallet happy. Here are a few to get you started.

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The Frugalite’s Guide to Zucchini: Morning, Noon, and Night

Do you have zucchini growing out your ears? This versatile veggie can help you to save quite a bit of money on food! Here’s how to eat it for every meal.

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Saving with Staples: Oatmeal

Can you save money by incorporating more oatmeal into your daily diet? We think the answer is “yes.” See if you agree.

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Free Things That Just Make Life Easier

Not everything that makes life easier has to cost money. Here are some of the free things that I do to save myself the stress.

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Saving With Staples: Yogurt

Can you save money by incorporating yogurt into your daily diet? Here are some tasty tips to help you do just that.

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5 Inexpensive (or Free) Ways to Deal with Stress

Are you feeling the pressures of modern times weighing you down? Here are the frugal steps you can take to fight back against stress.

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How Personal Rationing Helps Me Save Money

Can you save money by personally rationing out the items you use on a daily basis? Colette will show you just if it’s possible.

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Saving with Staples: Potatoes

You can save money by focusing on pantry staples. And what’s one of the easiest foods to do this with? Potatoes. Here are some tasty, inexpensive ideas for you.

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