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10 Things You Can Do in Your National Park That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Your national park is filled with free entertainment that’s right at your fingertips! If you’re looking for cheap stuff to do, this is it!

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The Items You’ll Save the Most on at Yard Sales

Yard sale season is just around the corner. What are the items you’ll save the most money on that are going to be sitting out on those lawns?

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Passive Income Ideas If You’re Strapped for Cash

Generating passive income is often touted as a great means of creating money, but how do you do this if you’re already strapped for cash? We’ll give you some ideas!

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What’s the Cheapest Produce at the Grocery Store?

If you’re looking for the cheapest produce out there because you need to count your pennies, what should you choose? We did the math for you.

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How To Get Your Kitchen Tools On The Cheap

Just moved into a new place? You can’t cook a meal without any tools. Here’s how to get your kitchen tools on a budget.

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The Best Credit Cards for Frugalites

We at the Frugalite tend to hate credit cards, but there are times you may NEED one. Here are some of the most frugal-friendly options out there.

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The 3 Best Payment Apps for the Frugalite

What are the best payment apps for the Frugalite? We want the lowest fees, no memberships, and the best privacy. Here are our suggestions.

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The Economics of Fishing

For those wondering how they can put meat on the table, you may be wondering, is fishing economically worth it? We’ll show you the math.

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Can You Save Money By Hunting?

Can you save money by hunting? Let’s take a look at the costs and benefits.

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6 Ways to Save Money with Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance can save you a tidy sum in mechanic bills down the road. Here are six ways to ensure that money stays with YOU.

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