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Welcome to Your Frugal Backyard Staycation

When most people are hitting the road to go on an expensive holiday, frugal families are considering staycations instead. Here are some ideas to give your kids something cool to write about in their inevitable “what I did last summer” essay and some ways for adults to relax and recharge, too.

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Thrifty Summer Activities That Are Fun AND Productive

Summer activities that are fun AND productive are the best way to enjoy the warm summer days. Here’s a list of my favorites.

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Frugalites on Vacation: 10 Thrifty Tips for Your Summer Travel Budget

Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a vacation this summer. Travel thrifty with these 10 frugal tips.

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You Used to Have Money and Now You’re Broke: How to Adapt to Financial Changes

Some folks turn to the path of frugality kicking and screaming because a major change took them from financial comfort to being broke. Here’s how to adapt to financial changes.

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Save Money and Travel Safely With a Portable Air Compressor

No one likes dealing with flat tires or the cost to fix them. Here our author reveals how she keeps flats to a minimum with this portable gadget.

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Save Money by SPENDING it on Preventative Dental Care

Money was tight so the author of this article decided to save money by NOT going to the dentist. Wrong move. Here’s what happened as a result of neglecting her dental health.

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How to Save Money With a Flip Phone (*gasp)

Do you really need that super expensive smartphone with all the overpriced extras? Here’s how this author happily saves money every month with (gasp) a flip phone.

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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget (and Why You Should)

Learning how to eat healthy on a budget not only saves money on groceries but also spares you from expensive doctor’s visits and missed days of work.

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How My Beater Car Has Saved Me Thousands of Dollars

This thrifty author has saved a fortune driving more than 90,000 miles in her “one-payment wonder” car that she bought for less than $500.

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7 Lies People With Money Problems Tell Themselves

Sometimes money problems can linger because people believe certain fallacies to be true. Here are 7 lies that perpetually broke people tell themselves about money.

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