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The Many Ways To Repurpose Household Items For Your Garden

If you can repurpose household items for gardening, you can not only grow more food, you can save more money as well. We’ll show you how.

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22 Free & Cheap Exercise Options To Manage Stress

Exercise is one of the most frugal ways there is to deal with high levels of stress in a healthy way. We’ll show you how.

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Urban Foraging Can Save You Grocery Money

Urban foraging can be a fun, unique, and family-friendly means of saving a few bucks. Here’s how to get started.

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Cheap Garden Tools You Need to Grow Food

Cheap garden tools can lead to cheap garden produce! Here’s what you need to tend to your garden on a shoestring.

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The Economics of Making Your Own Mushroom Tincture

Making your own mushroom tincture can save you thousands if you normally buy it instead. Here is the Frugalite guide to making your own.

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12 Thrifty Non-Meat Protein Sources

Looking for cheap, non-meat protein sources? Grocery prices on hamburger got you down? Check out our recommendations!

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The 5G Hype: Do I Have to Upgrade?

5G is coming and it’s liable to leave your phone obsolete in the near future. What are the most frugal ways to upgrade?

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How to Start a Home Based Business on a Budget

So you want to start a home-based business on a budget, but you aren’t sure how? Our author shares her frugal tips to help!

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The Nuts and Bolts of Working From Home

Before you decide to start working from home, there are some important self-employment considerations to think about. Jayne shares her experiences with starting her at-home business.

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How to Manage Stress the Healthy and Frugal Way

With times so uncertain, it’s a sure bet that most of us are stressed out. Here are some suggestions to cope in healthy AND frugal ways.

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